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Woodburning Trees On A Box

Here is one of my recent projects where I wood burned tree designs on a box.


So what makes this site Sweetbearies Art Tips so special?  This site is unique because all of the photos, drawing, paintings, jewelry, and other crafts are created by me, Sweetbearies.  Yes, that is just my pen-name and handle on Twitter, which first came into being because of love sweet art and berries.  Bearie is another one of my screen names, so putting this together to create the name Sweetbearies just seemed appealing back when I dreamed up my site in 2008.

One of my favorite types of art projects is to sketch something on paper and to shade in my illustrations with colored pencils, but I do work on oil paintings from time-to-time.  I love the way oils look on the canvas, but cleaning this up is quite a chore for me.  Nevertheless, I have been excited about every oil painting I have created, and I have a few more in the works.

Currently I have many new art projects I am working on, and you can always visit this blog to see what I am creating at the moment.

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