U Is For Traveling In The Western United States

The United states is a large country, but I have mostly traveled in the western half of it. I have been as far west as Hawaii, and far east as Missouri. Growing up a lot of our vacations were spent on road trips in California, which is my native state. Back in April of 1993 we went on a road trip to Death Valley, and camped out at Schwab Ghost Town for a couple of days. At the time I was not excited about going, but twenty years later I am so happy I took these photos of all the sites in and around Death Valley.

T Is For Travel Photography

Travel photography is an ideal way to document trips, but a photographer does not have to travel far from home to indulge in this pass-time. If you know a lot about your local area then you might even want to start a travel photography site about it.  The photographs posted on this site would appeal to tourists or people moving to the area, and a local would know what is interesting to visit and photograph. Here are a few video slide shows I have created of the photography of the San Bernardino Mountains.