My Reflections On The A To Z Challenge

I would have done it earlier, but my blogging has fallen off during the last few days. So what did I think of the A to Z Challenge? It was great meeting so many bloggers with various interests and opinions. It was amazing getting so much traffic to my blog during the month of the A to Z Challenge, and I actually truly miss that. I loved visiting blogs in other countries during the last month, and learning more about the music and hot restaurants people go to. Also, it was interesting to see what types of art and photography people like, especially since I am highly interested in that subject. So what have I been working on since the end of the challenge? Last week I started painting a scene of the Pinnacles, which is based on photograph I took on my walks in this part of the San Bernardino Mountains.

The Pinnacles Painting
A painting of the Pinnacles in the San Bernardino Mountains by Julia Hanna.

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6 thoughts on “My Reflections On The A To Z Challenge”

  1. The A to Z challenge sounds like a good way to meet other bloggers and to find topics for blogging about and readers as well.

    I love the colors in your painting in progress.

    1. Thanks, Aya! They are doing another A to Z Challenge this summer called the A to Z road trip, and basically all you have to do is write about a topic from A to Z regarding the subject of your blog. Not sure if you are interested, but it might be another way to share Project Bow with a wider audience, and your novels as well.

  2. I’ve been trying to keep the blogging momentum going and working my way through the whole road trip linky after the a-z, and even joined one more challenge…not on all 3 blogs I used for a-z though, only one…whew. Good luck with your painting…I’m all thumbs.

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