R Is For Raccoon

Today the letter R is for raccoon, as a video I captured of a raccoon up in the San Bernardino.

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11 thoughts on “R Is For Raccoon”

  1. Awww, cute little critter. I love raccoons. We used to have some on our property, before we got a dog. I think they are still in the neighborhood but only rarely make an appearance now.

    1. This video was taken on an old camera that did not have sound. I think I took the video back in 2008 at my sister’s house one day when we spotted a raccoon outside. They do not usually come out during the day, so this was pretty neat to see.

  2. Afraid I would have showed the creature off instead of taking a movie. They are not good animals to have around the house. They do alot of damage. They infest chimneys, eat the mortar even causing more damage. They are filled with fleas and leave you with infestations…inside and out. I’ve seen them destroy outdoor patio furniture by eating the cushions. It is odd to see them during the day because they are a nocturnal animal by nature, coming out at night to reek havoc . Since they’re scavengers they get into your garbage cans too. Generally once they decide a place is friendly, it’s hard to get rid of them. Had friends who even put bungy cords on their trash cans to try and keep them out. These weren’t the light weight plastic cans either, the old style metal and still they got in. Finally they had to shoot several to get rid of them. The final straw, after being awakened at night from the noise they made getting into the garbage cans was eating an electrical cord causing them to need a repair man. You might call animal control the next time you see one during the day.

    1. They live in the San Bernardino Mountains, and this is their natural habitat. I am glad I captured the movie, and I cannot begrude them for coming up on a balcony in a forest where they live. If I had an animal outside I would maybe get rid of it, but I see no harm when it is just a raccoon by himself walking around in the snow.

    2. Also the video was made in 2008 and we never spotted the raccoon again. This video was taken at my sister’s house and the trash was secure. I feel pretty okay with the fact I did not shoo this one time raccoon visitor away.

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