O Is For Orange Colored Fruits

Today I am thinking about the orange fruits I love to eat. Here is a photograph I took of a bowl of oranges in a ceramic bowl that I made back in high school.

Oranges In A Bowl

Even though this blog is about my art projects and photography, today I am sharing a couple of videos featuring a large organic pumpkin I baked to make pumpkin pies and pumpkin breads.

Look at the difference in size between the thirteen pound pumpkin and the little tangerine.

The video shows the comparisons between the giant pumpkin and the little orange tangerine. Hey the theme today is O, and since I am talking about orange fruits, you will be getting plenty of that. Below is a picture I drew of a pumpkin awhile back.

The next video shows me roasting the large pumpkin in the roaster oven.

The pumpkin looked quite nice as it was roasting in the oven.




This pumpkin will make quite a few delicious pies, and yes, I am quite excited.


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8 thoughts on “O Is For Orange Colored Fruits”

  1. Wow! This is awesome. I just started getting into art this year. Love your blog!! New follower.


  2. Fresh-squeezed orange juice – awesome.

    My mum always tells me that when it comes to fruit & veg you just need to get one of every colour and you get the full nutritional requirements 😀

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