N Is For Nastasha Dog

Today the letter in is for Natasha dog. Natasha was a Siberian husky just like Lady, but she was a dog I had when I was much younger. A couple of years ago I created a colored pencil illustration of Natasha with the San Bernardino Mountains as a backdrop.

The Natasha Colored Pencil Sketch

My drawing of Natasha dog is another example of how you can create your own pet artwork on a budget. If you are not into drawing, then find a nice frame for a photo of a pet.

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My name is J Hanna, and I also go by the online pen-name Sweetbearies. Here on Sweetbearies Art Tips I talk about my art work, and give tips on how you can create your own art and craft projects on a budget. You can also connect with me over on Google

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    1. I will have to try pastels again, thanks for the suggestion. I used those in a class a really long time ago, but I will have to buy some :).

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