J Is For Just Being You

From the time a person is a child people tell them what they should become. Very few parents are going to say, “Johnny I think you should become a taxicab driver because it pays so well.”

I actually heard a man once tell a kid how his brainiac friend was basically a failure because he decided to become a taxicab driver. I thought that was a bit harsh at the time, and later I learned just how intelligent taxicab drivers can be. As a pedestrian I often walk and take the bus, but years ago I took a taxicab to the airport a couple of time. Once a taxi driver was telling me how people will make rude comments to him, and assume he somehow is a country pumpkin. It turns out he had quite a high IQ, but he felt comfortable sharing that with me because I am a nice person, and I listen to others. Once someone told me I just let others be who they are, and they feel comfortable talking to me because I am not judging them. I am a good listener, so maybe that was another reason he was divulging things he would not have said to anyone else.

In the years since I have been thinking that taxicab driver is quite brilliant, actually. He has a flexible job and can make a lot of money if he chooses to take people to the airport. Some parents might be disappointed if their kids aspired to be taxicab drivers, but why is that such a bad thing?

Maybe it is time to just let people be who they want to be. Maybe it is time to just be you. I am not a millionaire, married, and I do not have kids. I have met people who are always striving to be millionaires, and seem increasingly disappointed when their dreams do not pan out. I have had people react oddly when I say I am not married and I do not have kids. Well I think kids are great, but I am not in a rush to have one. I am not in a rush to get married either, and I do not “get out there” on the dating scene. I dated a few people in the past and found that we had nothing in common, and I did not want to keep trying. I found when I was around the age of thirty I preferred writing a blog post about an art project or watching a movie, and I realized that is just being me. I am probably not living up to someone’s ideal of what is amazing and best, but I would never be happy if that is all I aspired to.

What I have learned that is by just being you in the moment that you can be happy. Do what makes you content, and do not worry if that is going to disappoint others. Your happiness is paramount, and with life being so fragile and short, who are you living for anyway? Live for you, and not for what others think is best.

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  1. I agree that people should do whatever makes them happy. I think parents should not pressure children about their choice of career, That includes not telling your child _not_ to aspire to something unattainable. Sometimes parents encourage children to pursue music, art and writing when they are small, but when they start off to college they pressure them to go for a profession that is less aspirational, but is seen as a good way to earn.

    I often have felt a lot less educated than the taxi driver who took me somewhere. In Taiwan, where I could not speak Chinese very well, I carried a piece of paper with me that had the characters for the place I wanted go written down. I tried to say the place name out loud when the driver asked me where I wanted to go. But often they could not understand what I said, so I showed them the paper. I remember one driver lectured me on my pronunciation. He clearly knew a lot more than I did!

    1. A lot of taxicab drivers are pretty darn smart, and some have had impressive jobs in the past. I really did not want to call the guy out I talked about in this post, but he probably could have been anything he wanted, but he preferred to have a flexible job where he could set his own hours.

    1. I think if people become millionaires doing what they love that is great, but I just think it can be very discouraging when all people talk about is money. I have met some people who feel they let their parents down because they did not attain a high power career, or because of other familial expectations. I just wish we could think more about being happy as a culture, and talk less about the dollar signs attached to everything.

  2. Fantastic post – you have written about a topic that needs to be opened to more eyes. Just stopping by and leaving my thought’s for the A-Z Challenge 🙂

    1. I hope everyone is happy pursuing whatever makes them feel best. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but I have never been above sounding a bit corny :).

  3. I have a 7 month old and already find myself saying ‘I want him to be musical’, ‘I want him to be creative’, ‘I want him to love books’. And it all comes from love and a desire to have, what I consider to be, a fulfilled and happy life. But I hope I can learn to let him do what he wants to, and not pressure him into things. I think it’s a fine line between pressure and encouragement.

    1. I think you what what is best for your child. What I was talking about are parents who were a put too pressurizing about the specific career a child should pursue. It is great to inspire kids, but I have met a few adults who were so pressured, and felt they had never lived up to their parents expectations. I think it is more than just parents, actually. I sort of blame shows that are always emphasizing material wealth over true happiness.

  4. My friend and I were talking about this subject recently. A lot of the girls we once went to school with now have children and some are even engaged (I’m 19 for goodness sake!) and we got wondering why it was they didn’t want to get out there and just be themselves, people these days seem to be under pressure to settle down with a job, marriage and children, not everyone wants to rush that! I believe it’s so important to just be yourself and do what you love, for your own reasons!

  5. Great post and so neat to see you on the video. I agree with your sentiments. More power to you for having discovered this secret to happiness. I so enjoy hearing people’s stories about their lives. Once I had to have my car towed. I sat in the cab with the tow truck driver who told me he was the second generation to run this business. He explained how much he enjoyed it because he knew his job was to help people when they really need it. I’d been feeling stressed and anxious and he helped me relax and know I was in good hands. I don’t judge either.
    A to Z’er, Jagoda from http://www.conflicttango.com

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