My Thoughts On Creativity And Why You Don’t Have To Be Over-Scheduled

It is possible to be creative and to avoid being over-scheduled, but sometimes you have to opt doing what makes you happy, and give up certain activities that you do not care for. Let kids do an art project after school or go for a walk in the park. Walking in the park can be all the exercise a child needs, and more fulfilling than going to five sporting events through out the week. Some adults complain about their exhaustive social commitments, but maybe it is time to scale back and spend some time at home drawing and drinking a nice cup of coffee. Over-scheduling does not have to be the norm, and we often have more time than we think.

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My name is J Hanna, and I also go by the online pen-name Sweetbearies. Here on Sweetbearies Art Tips I talk about my art work, and give tips on how you can create your own art and craft projects on a budget. You can also connect with me over on Google

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