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Today’s post is all about illusions.  Back in the days of print film there could often be optical illusions in photography, such as in the photograph below I took of the Pinnacles up in the San Bernardino Mountains.


The Ghostly Pinnacles


Some people might argue that the ghostly clouds in this photo were an other-wordly presence, but I can attest the film was just over exposed and created this image.

When it comes to illusions, I think these can be apply to more than just photographs.  Do people ever have illusions about their favorite politician or celebrity being god-like in stature?  I think that is most definitely the case.  I have seen cases where someone might disagree with a celebrity or a politician’s view point, and avid fans will call the dissenter ” a hater,” which is often an over the top reaction.

Just because someone is in the limelight does not mean they are above ever being disagreed with, and often a celebrity or a politician will take certain stances that they know are going to be divisive.  Even the most peaceable people will from time to time say and do things others do not agree with.  So when it comes to illusions I wonder why some are  over protective of those they esteem, but often do not show the same deference to others they do not care for?  I think as long as people are respectful about that we all have the right to agree to disagree. In other words, just because we look up to a certain person does others are under an illusion, or misguided because they critique your hero.  Illusions are all about what we choose to see, and who we choose to care for.  Humans are fallible, and no one is perfect.

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10 thoughts on “I Is For Illusions”

  1. I am thinking of Judy Collins singing “Clouds”… all about illusions as I recall. And not knowing what was so, but knowing it was all… just illusions.

    I love this photo – and I miss film photography.

    It seems like there are illusions all over the media and it takes a critical thinking and curious mind to figure what is so – it isn’t always the simplest thing, but with a healthy curiosity, I think we are well on our way.

    I’m grateful to be here today from the A to Z Challenge!

    1. I agree, an inquiring mind goes along way. It just seems others are a little overly protective of a politician or a celebrity being questioned on their opinion, when the average person is not going to receive the same courtesy. I think difference of opinion is what makes the world go round, and get tired of the word “hater” being thrown at anybody who does not agree with something. I was just trying to find a creative way to express something that has been on my mind today. Yes, film photography has a certain creative essence that the digital variety lacks.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed optical illusions, and, to a lesser degree, learning about what it is about the physiology of the eye that creates the illusion. I know what you mean about having illusions about people. I’m sure I do that, although I do try to be open-minded about things. Perhaps my open-mindedness is an illusion. 🙂



    1. You sound pretty open minded, Susan. This post was inspired by a friend who was being criticized just because she deigned to cricitize the policies of a certain politician, but I have seen the same applied when people do not agree with the opinion of a celebrity. They are still people, and I do not think they are above having others disagree with them.

  3. It sounds silly but I like to keep the illusion that the actors and actresses I like from my favorite shows are above stupid beliefs or comments or even typical petty human behavior. I want to maintain my belief in their ‘character’ they portray on the show. I don’t disagree with others who criticize the actor themselves, as in the real person’s actions, nor do I term them haters. My insistence on maintaining the illusion merely means I refrain from meeting these actors at conventions or looking into their real life and real life views and actions. Sometimes illusions are fun.

    1. I never say anyone’s belief is stupid because it is theirs, and they usually have a reason for it that we might not understand or relate to. Also, I have seen regular people have opinions I do not agree with, but over time I have learned that is what makes to world go round. What I find irksome is when people act like someone can never desent with someone who is famous, and that anyone with a differing opinion must be a “hater”.

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