D Is For Drawing

One of my favorite topics to discuss on this blog is drawing, so that is what I shall be covering with the letter D. ย Palm trees are one of my favorite things to draw, and in the video below I illustrated how to create a Hawaiian landscape drawing easily with a grid.

The drawing with a grid method makes it easier to concentrate on one portion of the drawing, rather than being overwhelmed with the entire composition.

Once the drawing is completed, all you have to do is use the medium of choice to cover up the grid marks. Colored pencils and crayons might not completely cover up the lines, but the grid can be like looking out a window, or through a fence.

This is what the completed drawing looked like after I finished coloring over the grid marks with colored pencils and oil pastels. This drawing was a mixed media composition, in other words.

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13 thoughts on “D Is For Drawing”

  1. This is the second ‘How to draw a palm tree’ I have come across today. It is just lovely and you are very talented. I have a good eye, but my hands don’t cooperate very well, so I stick to photography. We actually live in the Tehachapi mountains at around 4,100 feet.

    1. Hi Inger, I am familiar with the Tehachapi Mountains as well. I grew up in the San Bernardino Mountains, which are about 5,000 feet, and the topography is very similar. Was the other how to do a palm tree post an A to Z challenge entry?

  2. Drawing is one of my biggest hobbies ๐Ÿ™‚ While I’ve always loved it, I never felt like I was very good. So I bought “Learning to draw with the right side of the brain” and it helped A LOT! It takes a lot of practice, but I’m ready for it, and draw everyday.
    Here’s a free video by the woman that wrote the book I mentioned above. After doing these exercises a few times, the progress you see is completely insane!

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