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Palm Tree Cut-Out


My blog is all about sharing how I create art projects and crafts on a budget, so today for the letter C I decided to talk about crafting.  I make many crafts, ranging from handmade cards to jewelry, and at the moment I am making a palm tree card.  The first step to making this card was creating a palm tree paper cut-out, which I attached to a handmade card.  Next, I will draw an illustration surrounding the palm tree cut-out.



In the video above I demonstrate how the palm tree cut-out was created by drawing half of a palm tree along the crease of the folded paper. The palm tree was then cut-out to create a cut-out.

Glue The Palm Tree Cut-Out
I used mod podge to glue the palm tree to the front of the handmade card, which I will continue drawing the illustration on. The palm tree cut-out will give the card a slightly more three-dimensional effect.

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16 thoughts on “C Is For Crafting”

    1. Thanks, Shelly. There are some really great crafting tutorials on the web. Glad this post gives you some ideas. The same thing can be done with any kind of shape that you want to be symmetrical, and there is even the possibility of turning this into a geometry lesson.

    1. Thanks, Damyanti! The theme of my blog is art projects and crafting, so I will probably be posting more stuff like this throughout the month. I also have a column over on examiner.com where i talk about budget crafting, so these type of videos are just something I enjoy doing.

  1. You make this look so easy! I’m really impressed and it looks like fun. I am all thumbs so I have a feeling it wouldn’t work as well if I did it LOL.

    Just stopping by from the A-Z. It’s nice to meet you! 🙂

  2. I love crafting and it’s one of the things I don’t spend enough time doing. I am doing a Kirigami daily challenge this year though so keeping my hand in.

    I must locate some of this mod podge that everyone talks about.

    Great tree and good luck with the challenge.

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