B Is For Bernardino In The San Bernardino Mountains

Today I decided to write about B as standing for Bernardino in the San Bernardino Mountains.  I grew up in the San Bernardino Mountains, so this location will always be close to my heart.  The beauty of the mountain continues to inspire and captivate me, and I always enjoy capturing landscape scenes with my artwork and photography.  Here are some cards featuring my artwork and photograph of the San Bernardino Mountains.  If you live in Southern California, then I highly recommend making a day trip up to the San Bernardino Mountains.



San Bernardino Mountains Card by Julia Hanna


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My name is J Hanna, and I also go by the online pen-name Sweetbearies. Here on Sweetbearies Art Tips I talk about my art work, and give tips on how you can create your own art and craft projects on a budget. You can also connect with me over on Google

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    1. Yes, I could see Hesperia from the San Bernardino Mountains, and I have been there many time. Glad you are enjoying Colorado, and it is a beautiful state. Thanks for commenting.

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