Remembering Lady Dog

A special dog comes into your life that will always make a lasting impression. Although I cared deeply about Buster, and I have painted and drawn him, it was Lady dog who I connected with deeply. She was an abandoned Siberian husky running around the San Bernardino Mountains, and we took her in during the winter of 1994. I think the reason I bonded with Lady so deeply was because I refused to go on a another desert camping trip back during the heyday of my dad’s four wheeling adventures, and I stayed with her alone for the first time ever.

At the time I was fifteen years old and I had never stayed home alone before, but I felt safe and protected with Lady dog. On Sunday morning I woke up to find her munching on the paper I had brought in the day before, so I gave her a slice of bread to devour instead. Lady had a penchant for bread, which I attribute to her being a stray that had to fend for herself for a few months before we eventually adopted her. Also, Lady used to flinch at first when I went to stroke her head, which makes me think her previous owner had abused her, and then abandoned her in the mountains. It was not unknown in those days for people to drive up from the city to dump off their unwanted animals, which is how our family came to adopt many of our cat and dogs.

Lady was an amazing dog who I will remember for the rest of my life, and was very intelligent as well. She once waited until the ending music on a program when I told her I wanted to wait until the show was over before I took her for a walk, so I know that she was quite aware. Lady’s vet had speculated she was born in 1992, and she passed away in her old age in 2007.

My pencil sketch of Lady dog sitting on a bed, as she often did.
My pencil sketch of Lady dog sitting on a bed, as she often did.

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