Making Christmas Ornaments Out of Lids

Yesterday I decided to make some Christmas ornaments out of canning lids. It is preferable not to throw away things you can recycle, so I decided to turn these nice round lids into ornaments.

Step 1:

I used a cardboard box to poke holes in the lids with a hammer and a push pin. Adults should poke holes in lids for kids as this can be dangerous. There are many different ways to poke a hole in lids, but this is the way I did it. Also, I suggest wearing protective goggles or glasses when poking holes in lids.

Step 2:

I made a hanger for my ornaments by looping through and tying off jewelry nylon. There are many different ways to make hangers for ornaments, but I am simply using supplies that I have on hand.

Step 3:

Paint the ornaments on top of the cardboard box with acrylic paint.

The video above demonstrates how I am painting the lids with wreath and snow man illustrations.

Step 4:

Allow the ornaments to dry completely, and add a little bit of glitter glue to allow these to sparkle.

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