Drawing A Southern California Jack o Lantern At Sunset

This week I decided to draw a picture of a little Southern California jack o lantern with palm trees and the San Bernardino Mountains in the background. This little jack o lantern evokes the imagery one would see when walking around during Halloween in the Inland Empire.

Happy Southern California Jack o Lantern


The illustration above is a scanned version of my colored pencil drawing of the smiley jack o lantern.


Drawing The Smiling Jack o Lantern: Part 1


Here I have begun to sketch out the jack o lantern and the mountains and trees behind it.



In the video above, you can see me sketching in the outline of the San Bernardino Mountains behind my smiley jack o lantern.
Drawing The Smiling Jack o Lantern: Part 2


In the phase of the sketch above I have finished the outline portion of my jack o lantern drawing.




In the photograph above I began to shade in the dark orange-red, and the lighter orange portions of the pumpkin.



The video above illustrates how I shaded in the groves of the pumpkin with the red-orange color.
Drawing The Smiling Jack O Lantern: Part 4


During this phase of the sketch I finished coloring in the darker groves, and lighter spots on the pumpkin. I also used dark and lighter green colored pencils to color in the jack o lantern’s stem.

The Completed Jack o Lantern Drawing

Here I have finished the drawing with the purple and brown colors used to shade in the mountains and the palm trees.  I used a neon salmon colored pencil to create the sunset sky as a backdrop to the palm tree and mountain silhouette.

This video illustrates what the completed palm tree jack o lantern looks like now that it is completed.

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