The Cloudy Sky And Rain

I love these pictures of the canopy of a tree in the foreground of a cloudy sky. It rained soon after this, which is a big event because it has not rained here in Southern California for awhile.

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4 thoughts on “The Cloudy Sky And Rain”

  1. I love those cloudy sky pictures. They have a mild sense of foreboding, as if telling of things to come. (In this case, rain, but you could use it for atmosphere in telling a story.)

    1. Thanks, Aya! I really like that you got this sense from the photos, and in a way this is what happened because it was completely sunny before these clouds rolled in, and then it rained last night. It was about fifty degrees today, but that is considered cold and winter like weather for here. If you think you could use these photos for a story, you are welcome to do so.

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