Drawing Palm Trees On A Shirt With A Fabric Marker

Drawing palm trees on a shirt with fabric markers is a creative way to decorate your clothing and make it more tailored to your interests. Also, you can also cover up stains by drawing pictures over these with fabric markers. In the past I have decorated shirts with fabric paint, but I prefer using fabric markers now because these dry quickly, and are not a fussy.

Here is a shirt I drew palm trees on with a fabric marker.

Drawing Palm Trees On The Shirt:


Before I started drawing on the shirt with fabric markers, I placed cardboard on the inside the ink would not seep through to the other side.  Here I began to lightly draw the palm tree on the shirt with a fabric marker.


Here I am beginning to add more details to the palm tree by filling it in, and drawing in the palm tree growing at about a twenty degree angle.


I continued to fill in the palm tree to create a silhouette drawing that was reminiscent of a sunset with palm trees in the foreground.  The color of the purple shirt will mimic the sunset.


In the photograph above I began to shade in the palm tree growing at about a twenty degree angle.

In the photograph above I am drawing the top of the palm tree that is growing at an angle.


Above is a photograph of my completed shirt after I finished drawing the palm trees on it.  Follow the directions on the box of fabric markers you are using, which usually calls for heat setting the drawing on the shirt.  I simply  put the shirt in the dryer for a half hour, and now the image is heat set.  However, I will be washing this shirt separately as I have heard some people say fabric markers tend to run a bit in the wash.

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