Why Art Does Not Have To Have Some Deep Meaning

I like to draw pictures of nature, cats, and trees. Polynesian and Southern California themes have heavily influenced by artwork, but I do not necessarily think all of my pieces have to have a deep meaning. That is wonderful if an artist feels inspired to create a composition that has great symbolism or significance, but honestly I like to just draw and paint what makes me happy. In the future I will be drawing more of the San Bernardino Mountains, Hawaiian landscapes, and animals such as cats because that is what I like to draw. I tend to go more for realism with abstract now and then, but honestly I just draw what I like. Art is about creating the things I see all around me, and in my thirties I realized how much I love Southern California is so many of the scenes I draw. Also, my photography of Southern California expresses my love for this part of the world where I have lived all of my life.

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My name is J Hanna, and I also go by the online pen-name Sweetbearies. Here on Sweetbearies Art Tips I talk about my art work, and give tips on how you can create your own art and craft projects on a budget. You can also connect with me over on Google

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