Southern California Photography

Clouds Over Southern California-2

I especially love the image of this beautiful moon shining above the cedar tree high in the San Bernardino Mountains.

the moon 115

It is quite lovely to gaze upon a cloudy orange field on this second day of spring.

Clouds Above The Orange Field

Today I took another picture of a serene orange field here in Southern California.  Looking at this view takes me back, to another time in California history when orange groves were

Palm Tree And Clouds

Here is a striking picture of the cerulean blue sky and white billowy clouds behind two large power poles in Southern California.  This is one of my favorite photographs that I took on my walk today.  Although today is the second day of spring, it was only about forty degrees outside.
A couple of weeks ago it was in the low seventies.  Southern California can definitely have highs and lows, and major shifts in weather during the winter and spring months.

Clouds Behind The Power Poles