Pencil Self-Portrait Sketch: Phase 3

Here I have finished adding the color to the rest of the figure.  Now it is time to color in the background.

In this photo I am coloring in the background with an aqua colored pencil.

Here is what the completed colored pencil sketch looked like.  This is the first self-portrait I have created since high school, and I might do more in the future.

Here is the completed colored pencil self-portrait that I scanned. I like to scan my artwork so that I can captured the actual image to store for years to come. Also, scanning brings out more of the details that cannot be seen by just photographing a sketch.

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2 thoughts on “Pencil Self-Portrait Sketch: Phase 3”

    1. Hi Aya,

      My expression in the illustration came out that way by accident, but it does look better than when I started out. Now that I have done the first self-portrait in awhile, I hope to get more into the details with my future drawings. Thanks you for commenting!

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