How To Make A Heartfelt Bookmark For Valentine’s Day

Heartfelt sentiments are very important, especially on Valentine’s Day!  Express your love for a special friend by creating a cross stitched bookmark as a gift.  Not only is this an economical present, but your friend will be touched by the time and sincerity that you put into this project.  Most people simply rush to the Valentine’s Day section of the store, but you had the forethought and sincerity to actually create a handmade bookmark that your friend will be able to treasure forever.  Here are the supplies I used to create this heartfelt bookmark:

  • red yarn
  • white yarn
  • scissors
  • plastic canvas mesh
  • permanent marker
  • a large eyed needle


Take a look at the tutorial below to see how this fun and festive bookmark was created for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Heart Bookmark by ~Bearie23 on deviantART

Here is the heart bookmark that I created for Valentine’s Day.

Step One: Use The Ruler To Measure Out The Bookmark Shape

Here I used a ruler to measure out the bookmark shape.

Step Two: Begin Stitching On The First Heart

Here I began stitching on the red yarn for the first heart.


Step Three: Keep Stichting The Heart

Here I continued stitching the second row of the heart.


Step Four: Stitching The Fourth Row

Here I am beginning to cross stitch on the fourth row of the heart. Look at the picture to see how many stitches I am placing on each row, and keep in mind hearts can be modified anyway you like when cross stitching.


Step Five: Begin The Fifth Row

Here I have started stitching the fifth row of the heart.


Step Six: Begin Stitching The Sixth Row

In this picture I am stitching the sixth row of the heart.


Step Seven: Begin Stitching The Seventh Row

In this step I have begun to cross stitch on the seventh row of the heart.


Step Eight: Begin Stitching The Eight Row

 Here I have begun to stitch the eighth row, which has one less stitch on each side than the previous row. I decrease the stitches towards the bottom of the heart in order to form its accurate shape.

Step Nine: Begin Stitching The Tenth Row

The tenth row is when I decrease the stitching on each side once again. Look at the picture to see what I am doing here.

Step Ten: Begin Stitching The Eleventh Row

Here I am beginning to stitch on the eleventh row.

Step Eleven: Finish Stitching The Twelfth Row

Here I have finished stitching the twelfth row, and I decrease the stitches on each of the rows as I get towards the bottom.

Step Twelve: Begin Stitching On The Fourteenth Row

I am almost finished cross stitching the heart with the fourteenth row.

Step Thirteen: Stitch On The Fourteenth Row

The fourteenth row has three stitches, and it is the next to last row.

Step Fourteen: Stitch On The Fifteenth And Final Row

Here I have stitched on the fifteenth and final row.

Step Fifteen: Repeat The Steps Above

Here I repeating the steps above as I stitched on the second heart.

Step Sixteen: Begin Stitching On The Third Heart

Here I have begun to stitch on the third on final heart.

Step Seventeen: Begin Stitching On The White Background

Here I am beginning to stitch on the white background for the hearts.

Step Eighteen: Continuing Stitching On the White Background

Here I continue cross stitching down the length of my bookmark.

The Completed Bookmark

This video shows what the completed cross stitched heart bookmark looks like.

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