The Beauty of the Rim of the World Highway

There is so much beauty to be found on the Rim of the World Highway in the San Bernardino Mountains that I just had to take a few pictures of it. I especially love looking at the clouds floating above the valley below. It is quite breath taking to realize you are five thousand feet above clouds that people see above them when they are down in San Bernardino Valley. I live in the Inland Valley and look up at the clouds and think of my beautiful mountain every day I see it. Yes although I my technically be a city girl now, I will never stop being a girl of the San Bernardino Mountains. That is probably why my youtube name is MountainGirl78.

Here is a video of I made the city lights as seen from Highway 18.

This is another video I made of the lights seen from the Rim of the World Highway.

This is yet another video I made of the sparkly lights as seen in the valley below. I also enjoyed taking several pictures during the day of the clouds I was telling you about earlier in this post.

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