How To Make Your Own Turkey Decoration

Trace around your hand with a pencil.

Begin coloring the fingers/feathers of the hand tracing.  These will be the feathers of the turkey.

Create a pattern by coloring the fingers on your traced hand.  Each ginger will be a feather on the turkey.

Continue coloring in the different fingers on the turkey so that all of his “feathers” are colored in.

Also draw a little eyes, side wings, and

The turkey is looking very nice here.

All the fingers/feathers of the turkey have been colored in.

Gobble, gobble Mr. Turkey.

You will make a create letter/card Mr. Turkey.

Yet another picture of Mr. Turkey.

Cut out the tracing of Mr.Turkey.

Here is the cut out picture of Mr. Turkey

Yet another picture of Mr. Turkey.

Another close up picture of Mr. Turkey.

Make your own turkey decoration for Thanksgiving by tracing around your hand on a sheet of paper. Here is the turkey decoration I created by tracing around my own hand. I am going to send this turkey decoration as a little letter to a friend.

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