Amateur Pictures Are Works Of Art

Nature renewed itself after the fire a year ago in the San Bernardino Mountains. I love the artistic beauty that the mountains inspires in every picture I take. The mountains are beautiful to me and will always have a place in my heart.

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6 thoughts on “Amateur Pictures Are Works Of Art”

  1. Yes it is what the back side of the mountain looks like after the fire. Where I took this picture a large fire had raged through this area, but it is still very pretty. Thanks for commenting and visiting Michelle :).

  2. Yes nature has a way of speaking to us. I guess sometimes its like us humans – even though we go through tough times, we still come out beautiful (rugged and rough at times) but still beautiful. 🙂

    PS. by the way, if you have time dayzeebee and I have another blog. Maybe you want to read our chats there. hehehe

    Take care…

  3. Yes I’m a fan of these types of pictures that anyone can take with a good camera.

    Trees and stuff that is just there to be captured, people think I’m a bit weird though when I take photos of concrete patterns and pavement brick work, but hey I like photography.

    I like the photo of the trees, I could just imagine a nice campfire there, stuffing my face with melted marshmallows.

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