I enjoy creating art for the walls of my home, and I hope my website will give others inspiration on creating furnishing a personal space with artwork and decor on a budget. If you love to draw and paint, then you can easily create artwork for the walls of your home. People who prefer photography should invest in a digital camera so they can take pictures to frame. Beautiful frames can be purchased for a discount at places such as the second hand store, or even at crafting store. Feel free to keep coming back to my website to see new ideas I will be posting about art projects and crafts. All artwork and photography on this site is the @copyright of sweetbeariesart.com 2008-2014, and no content may be used from this website without my permission.
Find out more about my art projects by looking at my posts and videos that I add to this blog. I am always working on a drawing, and at the moment I am obsessed with creating colored pencil drawings of palm trees.